Roasted Peanuts

Roasted Peanuts

Product Details:

Roasted peanuts are a great snack. We can use them to prepare peanut butter or add them as an ingredient in salads or muesli. It is also an ideal addition to baked goods – e.g. nut cookies or cakes.

Energy value:

Energy value (kcal): 647 Energy value (kJ): 2682 Total fat: 50g. includes saturated fat: 7,7 g. Total carbohydrate: 21g. includes sugar: 4.9g. Fiber: 8.4g. Protein: 24g. Salt: 0,02g. including sugars: 4.9g.
Packaging options:

100g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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